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Update Your Medical History

In keeping with our COVID safety protocols, you must update your medical history prior to your appointment. This will reduce the contact time between staff and patients, expedite the appointment process and limit potential exposure.

Hamilton Burlington

Please read the following list of our in-office protocols, created to ensure the safety of our staff and patients. There are no exceptions surrounding these procedures and protocols, they are put in place for everyones safety. Should you fail to comply with any of the following in office procedures and protocols, unfortunately, you will not bee seen for your scheduled appointment.

  • Due to the large backlog of appointment requests, appointments MUST BE CONFIRMED. Even if you have a appointment date and time, it MUST STILL BE CONFIRMED via our email, text or phone reminder service. We will contact you as your date approaches, you MUST respond to confirm. If your appointment is not confirmed, it will be cancelled and given to the next person in line. No exceptions.
  • Medical style face masks are mandatory for all visitors entering the office. Whether you have an appointment or not, If you do not have a medical style face mask you cannot enter the office or be seen for you examination.
  • Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your schedule appointment.
  • Patients must attend appointments alone (one caregiver is permitted with a child or adult requiring assistance). Other visitors must wait outside the office.
  • COVID screenings will be performed on everyone entering the office, including non contact forehead temperature and a symptom and travel questionnaire. Hand sanitizer will be provided, and will be mandatory before entering the office.
  • We request that all patients update their medical history information online before their scheduled appointment. Please use one of these buttons below.

Hamilton Burlington

  • Diagnostic imaging is now included in your examination fee. Imaging will allow for quicker detection and a more efficient explanation of eye disorders. This will reduce interaction time with staff and doctors, reducing potential Covid transmission.
  • Please maintain a distance of 6 feet from other patients, staff and doctors in the office, where possible.
  • Please do not bring any food or drink in the office.

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