Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT) – Hamilton & Burlington

Enjoy the freedom of clear vision without surgery, contact lenses or glasses. Imagine going to the gym, playing sports, going out to a restaurant or working on your computer without the hassle of reaching for your glasses or having to put in contact lenses.

With the latest in corneal mapping technology and computerized manufacturing of highly oxygen permeable contact lens materials, more patients are putting their glasses and contact lenses away and enrolling in our corneal reshaping program.

CRT (also know as ortho K or orthokeratology) is a great non-surgical alternative to vision correction. CRT reshapes the cornea in the same way that braces reshape your teeth. It is a therapeutic process that reshapes the central cornea, the clear front surface of the eye using healthy oxygen permeable custom fitted molds. These specially fitted molds (like retainers) are worn at night while you sleep, and removed when you wake up in the morning.

Upon awakening, when the custom molds are removed, the amount of nearsightedness(myopia) is reduced, and with it, the dependency on glasses and contact lenses. For most patients the therapeutic effect will last all day, until bedtime, at which point the molds will need to be inserted again.

CRT is not a permanent treatment, and if the molds are not being used the cornea will “settle back” to its original shape within 14 days. Glasses and contact lenses will be needed at this time. CRT is perfect for patients who are looking for a non surgical alternative to their contact lenses and glasses, without the cost, anxiety and permanence associated with surgery. Although CRT can benefit many patients, it is not for everyone.

Who is Candidate for CRT?

  • Patients with mild to moderate amounts of myopia and low astigmatism
  • Children and young adults who wish to be glasses/contacts free but are too young for LASIK
  • Patients who do not qualify for laser surgery, LASIK (due to cost, dry eyes or fear)
  • Patients active in sports or work in dusty environments where glasses/contacts bother them

The corneal reshaping effect is temporary and you can discontinue wearing the custom molds at any time — provided you are willing to start wearing glasses or contacts again when your myopia returns. Contact Spectrum Family Eye Care today, and ask us if corneal reshaping therapy is right for you!

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