Dry Eye Therapy – Hamilton & Burlington

Dry eye is a chronic condition in which the body does not produce enough quality tears to sufficiently lubricate the eye. Without tear lubrication, the eyes may become irritated, causing burning, itchiness and excessive watering. Patients with severe cases of dry eyes may actually experience vision impairments caused by damage to the surface of the eye. Fortunately, dry eye treatments are available to help the eye produce more of its own natural tears and also manage inflammation.

Did you know…

that dry eye is a very common condition among patients over the age of 50, with women outnumbering men nearly 2 to 1. There are many reasons why people develop dry eye, including environmental conditions, the use of certain medications, contact lens over use as well as hormonal changes.


Should I be treated for dry eye?

There are many different treatment methods for dry eyes depending on the severity. The best way to determine which treatment is best for you, is to book your eye health examination so our doctors can determine the cause of your dryness. Treatments can range from standard over the counter lubricating drops and gels, to prescription medication.


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