Prosthetic Lenses – Hamilton & Burlington

Prosthetic soft contact lenses are prescribed to children and adults, to mask irregularities in the appearance of one or both eyes. By carefully matching the appearance of the healthy eye, we create a more balanced and natural look between the two eyes. When a child or adult has a disfigurement related to a birth defect, trauma or an eye disease, they can often suffer from anxiety and depression centered around the unnatural look of the eye(s). For adults and children who wish to naturally mask an irregularity of the eye, improve self confidence and overall quality of life, Spectrum’s wide selection of custom soft prosthetic lenses can help.

In some cases certain structures of an injured or disfigured eye will fail to function properly. In these cases special prosthetic lenses can be designed to block excess light from reaching the back of the eye, thus  reducing glare and light sensitivity. These lenses can also be made to match the healthy eye in color for a more natural look.

Depending on the color and iris details of the eye, our doctors will match both eyes using an in office fitting set or create a request for a specialty hand painted soft lens, for more complex color matching cases.

Prosthetic Lenses

Like standard soft contact lenses, our prosthetic lenses are made of healthy oxygen permeable materials and can be cleaned, disinfected and stored using regular soft contact lens multipurpose solution. If you require a prescription in your prosthetic contact lens to help you see clearer, our soft prosthetic lenses come in a range of powers to correct astigmatism, near and farsightedness. If you require a soft prosthetic lens simply to match your healthy eye in appearance, we can order them with no prescription as well.

Call Spectrum Family Eye Care, and book your custom prosthetic lens consultation today!

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