Soft Contact Lenses – Hamilton & Burlington

Soft contact lenses are a great way to experience the freedom of clear vision without having to depend on your glasses. This is especially true for active individuals who feel that their glasses interfere with their day to day activities. At Spectrum Family Eye Care we carry a wide variety of soft contact lenses including daily and monthly disposables, bifocal and multifocal options, cosmetic colored lenses and lenses for astigmatism(toric lenses).

For those patients that are experiencing the frustration of blurry near vision, please ask about our   multifocal soft lenses. Enjoy the freedom of using your cell phone, computer or reading a menu, all while maintaining clear distance vision for driving and television. No more scrambling for reading glasses, no more putting readers over top of your contact lenses, ask us how soft multifocal lenses can work for you.

If you are interested in trying soft contact lenses, the first step is booking a contact lens fitting appointment. During this visit your doctor will assess how the contact lens sits on the front of your eye and ensure that there is neither too much, nor too little, lens movement. This will ensure the healthiest possible fit for your eye and reduce the chances of comfort and vision problems.

Whether they are for part time or full time use, far vision or near, Spectrum has got your soft contact lens needs covered. Book you contact lens fitting today and experience the freedom!


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